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Identifying real estate investment opportunities often requires treating real estate in a liquid class similar to other investment products and letting go of preconcived notions of use and purpose to identify future opportunity.

In this article published in CSQ Magazine, James outlines a highly integrated and proactive approach to managing real estate assets, and suggests the following tips to spur creative thinking:

Tip: Preserve the past while planning for the future. Adapt old buildings for new uses.

Tip: Don’t rely on gut instinct, conduct a blind analysis of demographics and relevant data to identify choice locations for real estate deals.

Tip: Create a multi-year plan and budget and adequate reserves to mitigate risk and optimize each situation and revise them annually.

Read more of this article “It’s All in the Approach” at CSQ Magazine.  Since 2008, CSQ has been the luxury lifestyle brand and community for Los Angeles’s Billionaire Changemakers, C-Suite Visionaries, NextGen Entrepreneurs,  Executive Advisors and those aspiring to that level of success and influence.

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