James is a seasoned developer and commercial real estate broker who brings decades of experience to the table, including degrees from UCLA Anderson and MIT Sloan. James has direct experience in multifamily ownership and operations and also heads our construction division.

Victor M. Rex, CPM®

Victor is a USC graduate as well as a multistate real estate broker. Victor is also a CPM®, CCAM®, and CCIM® and is currently halfway through his CPA® exam. With a decade of experience in real estate and common interest developments, Victor brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our projects.

Betul Engel

CFO Chief Financial Officer
Betul has an MBA and a background in the banking and finance industry. She acts as CFO and Controller to ensure smooth operations at the corporate level.

Bryan M. Chan, CCAM®

Senior Vice President - Operations
Bryan is a UCSB graduate that has over a decade of experience in the real estate industry, with the most recent eight years in the common interest development industry. He brings a wealth of HOA experience and as such heads our operations department.

Daniel V. Stevens, Esq.

Senior Vice President - Accounting
Daniel is an attorney who has decided to focus his decades long career in accounting. His accounting expertise is invaluable to our projects and he currently oversees the entire accounting department.