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What is your fee structure for HOA Management?
AAll of the fees we quote are ALL INCLUSIVE; please make sure when you compare that you keep that in mind. There are no additional charges whatsoever. For example, for all homeowners that make electronic payments via CHECK on our portal we absorb the transaction fee. We appreciate the time and money it saves us and incentivize our homeowners to use the online system. We do not charge for HOA Meeting presence, minute taking and preparing, monthly site visits, inspections, off-hour calls or visits. We believe we give a price and we should be able to stand by it. We manage our business and teams accordingly.
How do you charge for Multifamily Management?
AMultifamily is a little more complicated on the pricing end, as it has a couple of other moving components. There are minimums that apply to smaller properties and depending on the extent of involvement of myself prices can range between 3.5 to 6% for a 16+ unit apartment building. In Texas and Oklahoma, we do not manage below 50 units unless the property owner is based in California or they are already an existing client of ours.
How do you deal with Maintenance Issues?
AWe do NOT have preferred vendors, you can not pay and get on some secretive preferred list within our system. We work with accredited and trustworthy vendors and build lasting relationships. We survey our clients, homeowners and supervisors quarterly and review performance, reliability and pricing among vendors. We try to provide local companies access to large clients and abide by fair practice and pay rules among all vendors.
How do you deal with City, Building & Safety, etc?
AIn my personal experience, I actually have come to appreciate having 3rd parties inspect and even cite properties we oversee, as we never can or will claim we can see it all or know it all. They act like an oversight institution and despite industry wide sentiment that they might be resident-prone, we have come to the conclusion it is much easier to fix the issues they raise and point out then to fight them. Speedy and thorough compliance goes a long way with city officials and inspectors. We have never failed Code, REAP or Building inspections; it might take an extra try, but we have delivered results that were pleasing for the inspectors, residents and in the end the owners.
Do you or the Principals attend HOA meetings or assign managers?
AEach Senior level executive once assigned your contract attends all scheduled Board Meetings, and if the agenda requires we might team up and bring along each other depending on the skill-sets needed by the Board and Ownership. Our Senior staff and partners review all meeting minutes and agendas before they are issued out and accounting reports are reviewed and reconciled prior to each meeting. If the Board wishes, they can call in one of our Principals to a meeting and we will be glad to oblige.
How accessible are you personally?
APersonally, I live and breathe real estate and client service. As long as I am given proper notice I make myself available to my clients 24/7. However I am a father and husband first, so any and all dates and timelines that overlap with my kids and family events will have to wait. I have a more than capable staff and multitude of ways of accessing me on my off-times for emergencies and consulting. My time is as valuable as anyone else’s and I prefer scheduled, agenda driven meetings with current or potential clients only. All other resources are shared publicly and through my trainings to industry professionals and public — please ask for a schedule and I will be happy to provide it to you.